I am a Registered Breeder with the "NSW Cat Fanciers' Association".
I have held the positions of Vice President and Show Manager
"The Birman Cat Club of Australia"
and also Committee Member of "Western Districts Cat Society".

Furkidz kittens are bred firstly for health and temperament.

Most kittens will be sold as pets, but show quality kittens may sometimes be available.

To find out more about the amazing Birman breed please visit the Links page.

Please email me for more details

or Phone Heidi on: 0419 960 982

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Established in 2006, Furkidz is a small facility breeding quality Birmans,
located in Sydney's NorthWest/Hawkesbury area.

Furkidz first breeding queen, 'Jasmyne' comes from top Australian and
Imported lines with her sire coming from Norway.
She has amazing eye colour and a sweet personality which she has passed onto all her kittens.

'Lexi' joined Furkidz in early 2007. She is a lovely big girl with a fantastic purr!
She is a welcome addition to the Furkidz family as our second breeding queen.

2008 brought us our first resident stud - 'Moshi'. He is the sweetest, most gentle and laid back boy.
He is a big soild lad with great eye colour, nice markings and a temprament to die for!

Jasmyne's daughter 'Diva' has stayed on as another breeding queen.
She has her mother's fantastic eye colour, is big boned and has nice type.
She has a great temperament and did very well on the show bench as a kitten.

In 2009 we welcome 'Ellie' to the list of new queens for Furkidz.
She is Lexi's daughter and has developed very nicely. She was shown during 2009 before being
introduced to Moshi - producing stunning babies! Unfortunately all mlaes, so no "keepers" this time!

Another beautiful girl joined the Furkidz family in 2009! 'Georgia' brings some nice outcross lines
to our breeding progam. She is a very solid and heavy boned girl with a sweet expression and
personality plus. She did well on the show bench as a kitten and had her first litter in early 2010.

2010 has seen a few changes here - with another 2 of Jasmyne's daughters staying on as
future breeding queens. 'Hope' and 'Harmony' are adorable girls who are inseperable at home
and on the show bench! 2010 also sees the addition of our second stud boy 'Mojo' a stunning young man!

2011 saw the beautiful Miss 'Neko' staying on as another home bred girl. As a second generation
Furkidz Birman she has done us proud on the show bench placing Best of Breed under many many judges
in both the kitten and adult classes.

Another little girl joined our family in late 2011 - 'Indi' brings some new lines to our breeding program
and comes to us from Tasmania.

Mid 2012 we added another boy to our breeding program with the introduction of 'Leo'.
He is a lovely big kitten from Tasmania bringing more new lines to Furkidz.
We hope to see the first of his offspring arrive early in 2013.

Just before Christmas 2012 our beautiful boy 'Mojo' was tragically taken from this earth far too soon :-(
RIP beautiful boy. You fathered so many lovely kittens and you will never be forgotten.

Now Retired: Jasmyne, Lexi, Georgia, Moshi and Diva - desexed and living as spoilt pets.


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