Furkidz "M" Litter
Seal, Chocolate, Blue & Lilac possible
BORN: 6 Oct 10


27/9/10: Just over a week to go and Ellie is deffinitely "blooming". She has moved down to the house, has her nest all set and is wearing her "grumpy pants"! LOL

Caution - wide load:

7/10/10: Well right on cue, Ellie gave birth to 3 beautiful little bubs - and they all look like girls! Good birth weights and mum and bubs doing well. More pics to come in the coming weeks.

13/10/10: Bubs are a week old now and their eyes are just starting to open a crack. Ellie was off colour for a few days after the birth and I had to suplement feed the bubs to keep them strong. They have started to put on a better amount of weight the last few days and Ellie is now feeding them all herself. The first week is always the most critical and risky time with kittens - and we've made it! Should be all good from now on for these little ones.

17/10/10: We are really starting to catch up now! We are getting bigger every day and our eyes are now open. It is likely that the pick of these girls will stay on as a breeder. I have been waiting for a girl from these lines - but kept getting boys! Finally a litter of girls to pick from!!

29/10/10: The girls are out and about - starting to explore the world outside their nest. They are all very alert and confident and are at a super cute age! I'm thinking we might have 1 lilac (on left) and 2 blue or choc - but time will tell...

6/11/10: these 3 lovely girls are growing up very fast. They are now out and about and playing with big brother Lewis. I disturbed them at the milk bar to set up this shot so please excuse the dreamy eyes!

13/11/10: Well it looks like we have 2 choccy girls and a lilac in this litter. At 5.5weeks old they are now eating solids and starting to use the litter tray. And they are getting more confident and playful every day!

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