Furkidz "L" Litter
Seal, Chocolate, Blue & Lilac possible
BORN: 20 Sept 10


20/9/10: After keeping me waiting for 4 days past her due date, Diva finally went into labor at about 5am - producing only ONE kitten!! This was a very easy birth after her last litter of 6. Looks like we have a big fat healthy boy. 112g at birth.

27/9/10: Diva is a fantastic mum and is very protective of her bubby. He has the whole milkbar to himself and is packing on the weight. He is just starting to open his eyes.

At only 1 week old he is already 223g - a record weight gain in 1 week here at Furkidz! I finally managed to get a photo of him today without Diva's head in front of my camera! LOL It should be easier to get photos of him in a few weeks time when he is out of the box.

3/10/10: "Lucky Lewis" is almost 2 weeks old already! He is just under 300g and is super cute and chubby.

Diva came back on call a few days ago - naught naughty girl! She needs to concentrate on raising this little fella before thinking about boys again!

8/10/10: Snuggling with daddy on the couch....

13/10/10: ... and my first time out playing! I'm a big kid now.

29/10/10: What a lovely little kitten Lewis is. He is full of life and mischief! The world is his now and there is no stopping him!

6/11/10: Lewis is now living with 3 beautiful little girls (M litter) - he is twice their size but plays nice most of the time! He sure is a big boy now! He has chosen his new slaves and is going to live with Furkidz Freyja (F Litter) - now called Myff. I'm sure he will win her over in no time!

10/11/10: Lewis is sound asleep beside me on the couch right now - totally exhausted after his photo shoot this afternoon - looking this good takes effort you know!

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