Furkidz "J" Litter
Definitely - Seal & Blue, Possibly - Chocolate & Lilac
BORN: 16 Dec 09


8/11/09: Jasmyne's little girl Diva is expecting her first litter. As Jas will soon be desexed and retired, it is up to Diva to continue on her lines. The babies should arrive sometime around 16 Dec 09, give or take a few days. Good luck little girl!

10/12/09: Less than a week to go and Diva is quite large. She has moved down to the house with her little friend Ellie (who had her bubs last night). She is more than happy to show off her big belly to anyone who asks!

15/12/09: Waiting waiting waiting.....
Diva is ready to split at the seams - her bubs shouldn't be too far away now. The last few days she has been very smoochy and clingy, but also hot, bothered and grumpy at times too! Last night she was very restless and I think the bubs might be moving into position.

As you can see from this pic she is taking it easy - and her human Daddy really doesn't spoil her at all, does he?? She was looking uncomfortable so he took her a pillow!!

16/12/09: Well right on time Diva has had her bubs today - during daylight hours!! And a new record has now been set at Furkidz - SIX BABIES!!!!

We are both very tired tonight, so more details and pics soon....

17/12/09: Diva is living up to her name and being quite demanding! She has taken a while to get used to the idea of having little ones - and so many for a first time mum is a HUGE ask!

Thankfully she is now more settled and the bubs seem to be feeding well. I am helping out with a few top ups a day. A litter this size will be a challenge for both of us I think....

21/12/09: Unfortunatly one of Diva's bubs stared to go backwards and we lost him yesterday afternoon. Sometimes breeding can be so hard - to lose the little battlers is heart breaking. You do what you can, but they are just not strong enough to fight when so young. Neonatal care just isn't the same for kittens - there is not a lot you can do and you feel so helpless.

RIP little one - you fought hard!

I'm still feeding the other bubs 3 times a day and weigh them twice a day to keep a close eye on progress. If they get in trouble they can deteriorate very fast. So far they are heading in the right direction. Some breeders don't count their kittens until they are over a week old - I can now see why.

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