Furkidz "I" Litter
Seal, Chocolate, Blue & Lilac possible
BORN: 10 Dec 09


8/11/09: Lexi's little girl Ellie is expecting her first litter. As Lexi will soon be desexed and retired, it is up to Ellie to continue on her lines. The babies should arrive sometime around 10 Dec 09, give or take a few days. Good luck little girl!
3/12/09: Not long to go now. Ellie has a nice round tummy, but not too big! I am hoping she doesn't have a huge litter - being her first. She seems happy and healthy and will move up to the house and start preparing her nest this weekend. She is still quite happy at this stage lazing about in the garden run off the cattery with her friends, so I won't disturb her just yet. Photos soon.

10/12/09: I have been so busy and just haven't had the time to grab the camera this week. As I thought I'd be on "kitten watch", today I had planned to get the camera out and take some pics of the fat tummies around here - but Ellie had other ideas! Overnight she has given birth to 4 babies! So I have mised the preggy tummy shot :-(

She had a relatively easy delivery - kittens are not too big, but still healthy weights at 87g, 86g, 91g and 76g born. All are feeding well and Ellie is a very proud mumma cat - and Lexi is a grandma!!

11/12/09: WOW! these bubs might not have been huge at birth, but are making up for it now. In just over 24 hours they have put on between 8g and 15g! That is a fantastic weight gain for the first day. Ellie is doing a great job as a new mum keeping those little bellies full.

16/12/09: The smallest bub has struggled the past few days and has not gained weight like the others. This afternoon it lost the fight - RIP little angel. Too special for this world.

21/12/09: The remaining 3 kittens are doing really well. They are putting on good weight and have just opened their eyes.

Ellie is such a relaxed and natural mummy. She is doing a great job with these kidz!

22/12/09: The outside world is just waiting for us to explore! Tonight we worked out that we can actually escape from our box!! So we spent some time playing on the mat - busy - busy - sleep time now! LOL

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