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BORN: 14 Nov 09


1/10/09: Jasmyne is a cheeky little thing! She decided that she liked Moshi so much she'd go back for a second try! She didn't fall pregnant first go this season - but I'm pretty sure she is pregnant this time. The next week or two will reveal all!
13/10/09: Jas is definitely pregnant - yeah! She is getting a little tummy and is eating like a horse! LOL

8/11/09: With less than a week to go now, Jasmyne has been busy adding some personal touches to her nesting box:

She is not very big, as usual, so again I'm guessing no more than 3 bubs. Unlike Lexi, who can hardly move in her final weeks, Jasmyne remains quite active and agile up to the last minute, often being found on top of cupboards, bookshelves etc or just taking it easy lazing about:

14/11/09: OMG! Jas has totally shocked me this time and given birth to FIVE good sized kittens!! I have no idea where she was hiding them as she didn't seem any bigger than her previous pregnancies and she has never had more than 3 before. The smallest was 94g, biggest 105g and they are all now happily plugged into a very proud mumma cat. Photos later.

17/11/09: Jasmyne's babies are just adorable little bundles of fluff! They are all feeding strongly and starting to put on weight. Here are some first pics of them:

These 3 bubs snuggled while waiting for the others to arrive (only minutes old).

A very proud mumma with her newborns - settled after a quick clean up!

And today....a nice pile of chubby bubbies!

24/11/09: Jasmyne's bubs are doing really well and she is such a good mummy - so much so that a few days ago she "stole" one of Lexi's kidz! But Lexi got her back today - Jas was out having a stretch and Lexi moved in and sat in the box with Jasmyne's bubs. 2 of Lexi's kidz followed her and went to say hello to the babies next door - very cute! I think in a few weeks these 2 litters will all be playing together. 10 crazy little monkeys running wild - what am I in for??? LOL

Back to the progress of Jasmyne's bubs - they have just started to open their eyes and are peeking out of their box when mum is out. Some little noses are starting to colour up - 3 are dark and 2 are still pink. They are all gaining weight nicely and are super cute!

26/11/09: This morning, the kidz from next door came to visit us - and moved in!!!

Go on....see how many you can count!
And the mums have moved out.....do you blame them??

3/12/09: More photos coming soon I promise! I have been very busy working and running around after small kittens! LOL There seems to be a never ending need for cleaning, feeding, washing and snuggling around here - I love it! (and that's just from my husband! LOL)

Jasmyne's bubs are growing fast and are just starting to get more interested in waddling out into the open for short visits. It won't be long and they will be chasing Lexi's kidz around the house!

10/12/09: We are big kidz now! We don't spend much time in with Mum any more - we much prefer being out with the big kidz playing! But we do go back to Mum for a feed every now and then - it's getting a bit busy at the milkbar though! STACKS ON!!!!

We are almost 4 weeks old now and we are starting to eat some "big" food and play in the litter tray sometimes too! It's not easy to get photos of us now as we are too quick!!

21/12/09: I wish I could get some more pics of these beautiful kittens - but whenever I go out with the camera they are either fast asleep - or charging around the place in a blur! They are fast catching up to Lexi's bubs in size - sometimes I have to look twice to see if it's a "big" kid or a "little " kid! LOL

Dinner time is funny with 10 kittens and up to 4 adults swarming the bowls - I have yet to get a photo of all the vultures together, but I will one day!

It looks like we might have 3 seal girls and 2 blue boys - both with white noses!

Deposit taken on 1 blue boy and 2 of the seal girls are being closely watched for possible show/breed homes. Deffinitely 1 blue boy and 1 seal girl still available.
Update: 22/12/09
- deposits now paid on these two beautiful babies who will be going to their new home together.

And some excellent news - Jasmyne is going to a new home with one of her little blue boys! I couldn't be happier with the home she has found to retire in :-)

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