Furkidz "G" Litter
Seal, Chocolate, Blue & Lilac possible
BORN: 29 Oct 09


1/10/09: This will be Lexi's last litter. She has struggled with her health and will be retired to live a stress-free life of luxury once this litter is weaned. She is getting a "yummy mummy tummy" and the bubs should be here by the end of the month. This is Furkidz first litter of the season and I have everything crossed that there is a nice little girl in there that will stay on to take Lexi's place in our breeding program!
13/10/09: Not too much longer to go now for Lexi. Like last time, she is HUGE! I'd be very surprised if there are less than 4 bubs in there. Our focus now is to keep her as stress free, comfortable and healthy as possible.

21/10/09: With only about a week to go now - Lexi is ready to POP! The poor girl is looking so uncomfortable - I just hope the bubs aren't growing too big - an easy birth would be nice for both of us.

29/10/09: The bubs have arrived! Lexi and I have had a very long and exhausting day. I will get some pics of the proud mum and bubs and post them soon.

30/10/09: All bubs are feeding well and have gained weight overnight. Birth weights ranged from 91g to 110g - not too big which made it easier for Lexi!

Here are the first pics taken of the proud mum with her FIVE bubs (this is the biggest litter born so far at Furkidz!):

3/11/09: It was really hot here today - can you tell?? We are growing like weeds and putting on lots of weight each day - our mummy is doing a great job!

8/11/09: The bubs are just starting to open their eyes. They are becoming more active and interactive each day and have all more than doubled their birth weight! I could spend all day watching these bubs, they are super cute with their dirty little faces and tiny pink toes! LOL

10/11/09: Look! Look! We can now LOOK at YOU!

All the bubs now have their eyes open - and they come up to the side of the cage to say hello! Some of the dirty little noses are starting to colour up - the bub on the left above has a darker nose than the one on the right - these guys will end up with different point colours.

12/11/09: We are 2 weeks old today! We are chubby little things - now weighing between 236g and 294g.

17/11/09: There's no stopping us now! It's getting a little crowded at the milkbar - there's a line up for the bathroom - so we go out exploring!

Pssst! Mum - your ear is dirty!!

24/11/09: What lovely sweet kittens this lot are. They are very curious and toddle around after me now! They are becoming more confident every day and venture short distances from mum exploring our huge world. Some are taking a little interest in what Lexi is eating and they have just started eating a few tiny kitten biscuits. In the last few days their tiny teeth have started to come through. They are just a few days off 4 weeks old now - and growing very fast! It's getting harder to take photos of them as they don't stay still for long!

26/11/09: Impossible to get pics of every kitten every day, so here are 2 kittens inside having cuddles with dad last night.

And today - Lexi and her kidz have moved in next door!
Just how many kittens can you squeeze into a box??

30/11/09: Well I've looked and looked and looked some more.....but none of these kittens have turned into girls!! Can you believe we have 5 boys???

Their colours are coming through well and we have:

  • 1 seal point male - deposit taken
  • 2 blue point males - deposits taken on both
  • 2 chocolate point males - deposits taken on both

They are getting quite cheeky and tell me off if I lock them away at night! LOL They are starting to eat a little bit now which is good as it will take some of the pressure off poor Lexi!
Some more pics:

10/12/09: Lexi is a Grandma!! Her little girl Ellie has had babies overnight - does that make these boys Uncles already at only 6 weeks old?? They are growing up way too fast - are eating me out of house and home and make a lot of mess when they want to! They are becoming great mates with Jasmyne's bubs and are teaching them all the tricks.

Here are some random shots taken this morning...

21/12/09: These guys all have deposits paid on them now and will make some lucky families very happy I'm sure. They are all such confident little guys with individual personalities. One of the blue boys is heading up to Townsville, a choccy boy is going to Victoria and the other 3 are staying in NSW. The pick of litter will be a show neuter. The whole litter will be entered in the first cat show of 2010 - a special kitten only show at Castle Hill. Last year, Lexi's litter of 4 took out Best Group 1 litter - let's see if she has produced show winners again this time!

Here are a few more pics taken today:

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