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27/11/08: Moshi finally got it right!

After 3 visits with our new stud boy Moshi, Jasmyne has finally been confirmed pregnant. Moshi is just on a year old and had some fumbled teenage attempts which proved fruitless the first few tries - but 3rd time lucky he got it!

I'm guessing Jasmyne will stick to her favourite number of kittens and have 3 again this time. She is so happy and smoochy when she is pregnant - she just blossoms!

Guess where I will be spending Christmas this year?

29/12/08: Jamsyne kept me waiting!

BUT I got to enjoy Christmas uninterrupted....

Jas has just this morning given birth to 2 bouncing bubbas. I think we have a girl and a boy and they weighed in at 96g and 99g which are good healthy birth weights. Jas also passed a dead kitten which seems to have separated from it's placenta and died at about the 4-5 week mark. This bub was obviously too special for this world. RIP little one.

The bubs are strong and feeding well and the proud mummy is beaming as usual!

30/12/08: We lost the little boy this morning - RIP little man.

It is so sad to lose the little ones - nature can be so cruel sometimes. This is the hardest part of breeding.

Jasmyne is protective of the little girl who remains - raising a single bub will be a new experience for us both.

2/1/09: After a bit of a slow start the little girl is now going great guns! In the last 24 hours she has gained 23g!

I have named her Freyja - in Norse Mythology, Freyja is portrayed as a goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. Blonde, blue-eyed, and beautiful.

I'm thinking she will be one special little girl.

8/1/09: Freyja is doing really well now and is just starting to open her eyes. Her nose and ears have started to colour up early which indicates she will likely be a seal point.

With the milk bar all to herself she always has a fat little tummy!

14/1/09: At just over 2 weeks old now, Freyja has moved house. Jasmyne thought this was a more suitable nest for her precious daughter - Freyja doesn't seem to mind!

29/1/09: Little Freyja is amazing! She has been out and about with the "big kidz" (E Litter) and has even been caught pinching their food!

"Mine! All Mine!"

She is such a little darling and a show off too!

14/2/09: This little poppet is unstoppable! She is into everything and can climb like a monkey! I have given up looking for her at ground level and now search the higher points in the room - usually up with the adult cats! She really is a character.

I need to decide in the next few weeks if she will stay or go - a very hard decision as she has made her mark solidly on my heart. But I need to think of what's best for my breeing program - you can't keep them all!

2/3/09: Freyja met her new Mum and Dad yesterday - she is going to live in Newcastle with Sue and Paul. I know she will have them wrapped around her little paw in no time!

4/9/09: Freyja is now known as Myff. She is very loved by her new family and sleeps on the bed every night. She is a big girl now but still very naughty!

10/12/09: What a beautifl big girl Myff is now!! She will celebrate her first Christmas then first Birthday in a few weeks time and I'm sure she won't get up to any mischief at all!!

Doesn't she look just like her daddy?? (Thanks for the pics Sue!)

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