Furkidz "E" Litter
Seal, Chocolate, Blue & Lilac possible
BORN: 14 November 2008


21/10/08: Lexi looks like she has swallowed a balloon - fully inflated! LOL
Not long to go now and we should have bubs. She is happy and healthy and doing so much better with this pregnancy than last time. I'm still a little nervous and have everything crossed that things will go smoothly for her and the bubs this time. By the end of this week I'm hoping to be able to feel them moving around inside her. Her tummy is hard and it's getting more difficult each day for her to walk and clean herself. She has that definite pregnant waddle happening!

7/11/08: Lexi has just under 1 week to go - she has the biggest, hardest tummy I have ever seen!

And 1 more - this really sums up how she's feeling right now.

Poor girl just can't get comfortable - and can't reach to clean herself! LOL

13/11/08: I wish I could report that I had been up all night delivering babies! She still hasn't had them! She spent most of the night in her nesting box, then this morning was just happily laying in a donut bed......she better have them soon or they will be fully grown and ready to leave home when they get here! LOL

How do you keep an idiot in suspense??...................................................................................ASK LEXI!

I asked nicely and Lexi said "yes - sure you can take another photo of my fat tummy!"

It's not like she was busy doing anything else at the time! LOL

14/11/08: What a night! At about 10:20pm last night Lexi started having contractions.......within the hour she was "showing" and had about half a fluid sac emerging. She continued to push at varying intervals and got as far as about 3/4 of the sac out - but it wouldn't budge! She was getting quite aggitated too. Just before 1am I contacted a fellow breeder and we decided it was best to call my vet - it seemed a kitten was stuck! I was on the phone to the vet when Lexi shot out of her box and across the room - with a kitten hanging behind her! The little bugger had dislodged - it must have heard my plan of getting the vet involved! LOL

Poor Lexi was exhausted by this stage (as was I) - after 2 and a half hours kitten #1 had arrived! All 122g of chubby bubby! - suprisingly still alive and very strong! About 1 hour later kitten #2 came - another big one also 122g. By this time it was after 2am and Lexi and I were fading fast - but not done yet. Lexi took time out to feed the 2 bubs and fell asleep using my hand as her pillow - cheeky girl! About 3:30am I woke Lexi and encouraged her to keep going - kitten #3 finally emerged but Lexi was not happy - she growled at me throughout the delivery and wanted nothing to do with the kitten. I cleaned it up and warmed it - it was struggling a bit. Another good size at 118g. Just over half hour later #4 arrived and again Lexi didn't attend to it.......and at 5:30am as the sun was coming up the damn placenta still hadn't passed - leaving the poor bub on a bungee! I ended up breaking it so I could get the bub warm and dry and feeding. The "baby" of the group at 94g - still a decent size!

Lexi is now quite happily sleeping with 4 bubs plugged in and feeding strongly. I have no idea if there are more.....and there are deffinitely placentas missing! I guess a trip to the vet will be needed this morning to help those placentas along and to check for any more bubs. This has got to have been the slowest delivery of all time! I am SOOOOO tired, having not slept at all yet - I will update again later today after I have had a sleep...and of course pics will follow!

Back from vet - 4 is the final head count - looking like 2m/2f - all fantastic weights!

Let me now introduce..... Furkidz "E" Litter

....and now I must sleep! LOL

17/11/08: These bubs are big and healthy and strong and Lexi is a very calm and relaxed, happy mummy. Weights today are still climbing with the little one at 129g and the biggest one at 159g already! Not bad for 3 day old bubs :-)

At this age they are either drinking or sleeping - here they are sleeping!

What a cute tangle of arms and legs!

27/11/08: What a cheeky lot these are! They are almost 2 weeks old now - all eyes are open and the world is becoming interesting....

Weights are up to 297, 296, 270 264g and rising. Noses are starting to colour up - still too early to guess exact colours, but there looks to be 3 different shades, so possibly a rainbow litter!

Lexi is being an excellent mum and doesn't even mind that Diva breaks into her pen every night to keep her company!

2/12/08: We are big kidz now! All over 300g and 2.5 weeks old already. These bubs are very alert and active and can already climb out of their big bed and crawl accross the floor! They still have their wobbly boots on though!

It looks like the sex change fairy might have visted us again....at birth I thought there were 3m/1f, then my vet said 2m/2f - but today we are back to 3m/1f! I really wanted to keep a girl from this litter, so I plan to run the girl on and see how she develops. If she looks to be breed/show quality then she will be staying.

Here are some pics I took of the little monsters yesterday:

15/12/08: All kittens are eating from the bowl now and they are starting to use the litter tray too! About a week ago I started them with a bottle twice a day - just to help top them up as Lexi had not been well.....and they were hungry little mites! They took to the milk so well I thought I'd try them on some cereal a few days later and 2 of them went straight to the bowl without encouragement. The other 2 took a few days to convince it was a good thing - now they all fight over the food! (Very delicate when they step in the bowl too! LOL)

They are unstoppable! They play and wrestle and climb and the world is theirs to explore. They are developing individual personalities and they are such cute little monsters at this age.

Lots of fun days ahead....I will add some more pics soon - if they will stop still long enough!

16/12/08: Here are all 4 of Lexi's bubs together. They are growing up so fast!

I'm now quite certain I have 2 Blue/2 Lilac and 1 girl/3 boys.
This is Furkidz "E" Litter and the names I am thinking about are:

Furkidz Equally Elegant
Furkidz Elements of Eden
Furkidz Everything Elite
Furkidz Expect an Encore

29/12/08: Lexi has been happy to have my young girl Diva help her out with the bubs. Diva thinks the kittens are the best toys ever! And she protects them like they are her own. She cleans them, sleeps with them and looks after them so well. What lucky kittens to have 2 mothers! I think Diva will be a natural mother when her time comes.

The bubs are now eating more solids every day and are really only topping up at Mum's "milk bar". They are having very few toileting accidents and now have free run of the back room. On Christmas day they were cuddled by kids and swooned over by aunties - no problems with socialisation here! They are also getting used to the vacuum cleaner, the dog and thunderstorms.

Here are some random pics from the last week...

3/1/09: (status as at 15/1/09)

Blue Point Female - On Hold
Blue Point Male - Deposit Paid
Lilac Point Male #1 - Deposit Paid
Lilac Point Male #2 - Deposit Paid

8/1/09: These kittens are growing up way too fast! They are all close to or over 1kg in weight now and are unstoppable! Here are some photos I managed to snap of each of them - before they ran off!

Firstly the 2 Lilac Boys:

The Blue Boy:

And lastly Ellie, the Blue Girl:

29/1/09: I can't believe that it's almost time for these guys to leave home already! The whole litter is entered in a cat show this weekend, then the boys go in for their little "snip snip" op on Tuesday, then 2 of them will go to their new homes Friday night! Ellie is staying on here for now and one of the lilac boys is going to his new home in a few weeks time.

They have been a delight and we will all miss them very much. Note to new owners - you MUST send updates and photos - please!

They are very busy and are hard to catch for photos, but here are a few taken over the last few weeks:

My next update will include their results from the cat show. This is the first time I've entered a litter so it's pretty exciting. I haven't told them yet but the kittens will be having a bath later today! LOL

14/2/09: What well behaved kittens. The bubs handled the show bench like pros and came home with a nice haul of prizes too! In one ring they were awarded BEST LITTER! (yes, they beat the Persians!)

Here are a few pics of them taking it all in their stride:

And Miss Ellie at home - growing bigger and more beautiful every day!

The boys have all left home now - Emmett (lilac point) has gone to live in Tamworth with my brother and his family, Mozart (blue point) is being spoilt by Lilo and Bram at Belrose and Neko (lilac point) lives with Emma and Alex at Chatswood. I can't wait to get some photos of them in their new homes!

2/3/09: The boys are reported to have all settled into their new homes and are training their humans nicely!

As you can see from the photos below, Emmett sleeps wherever he wants!

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