Furkidz "D" Litter
Seal, Chocolate, Blue & Lilac possible
BORN: 9 March 2008


6/3/08: Jasmyne is due this weekend and seems bigger than usual. She has had 2 litters of 3 - but I'm thinking she might break her record this time. How many do you think she is having?

9/3/08: Well, she's done it again! 3 kittens for the 3rd time in a row.....my girl really must like that number! After giving Jas strict instructions yesterday that she was to keep her legs crossed a little longer so Eric and I could attend a CW lunch, she has now uncrossed those legs and went into labour about 5:45 this morning.

  • First born at 6am was 104g and I think a boy.
  • Next at 6:15 was 106g and I think a girl.
  • Jas then took some time off and settled down to feed - but I knew she wasn't done!
  • 7:20 the next one came at 101g and I think another boy.

I was sure she was going to break her record and give me a fourth, but I've had a good feel and nothing more :-(

She and the bubs are now settled and they are all feeding well. Jas is purring her head off and so proud of herself yet again.

14/3/08: We have 3 very big strong bubs this time! All are feeding well and gaining lots of weight. Cords have started to drop off and noses are beginning to colour up. Looks like there might be 2 seal points? It's amazing how strong such little ones can be - they drag themselves around and over Jas and each other and they even have little fights, pushing each other away from the milkbar! So wonderful to see the little personalities develop.

Weights today are 183g, 186g, 155g.

20/3/08: Wow! We really have some chubba bubbas here! (Weight range 224g-257g)

The kittens now have their eyes open and are becoming more active every day. One even climbed out of the nest last night to come to me! They are real little darlings.

Jas has decided that the box I had set up for her and the bubs is not suitable and has moved them to a location of her choice - on the floor in a corner! Anyway, who am I to argue? So I have put a buffer around them so they stay put for now.

More pics soon!

28/3/08: These Furkidz will be 3 weeks old on Sunday. They have grown so fast and are so active now. They are happily nested in the corner of the room that Jas chose (which I have blocked off) but they easily climb in and out of the bottom of the cat barrel as they please. With eyes and ears now functioning they respond to me and interact more each day. It's so lovely to see the little personalities developing - but they grow up too fast! I'm still thinking I have 2 boys and a girl - the little pink nose boy I think might be lilac and the darker boy and girl could be seal or blue.

Seal/Blue Boy

Lilac Boy

Seal/Blue Girl

9/4/08: Well, Jasmyne's bubs really took me by surprise today. They were 4 weeks old on Sunday and have just started exploring the world properly the past few days. Anyway, this morning I found a wet bed, then another little puddle on the carpet - so introduced a small litter tray for them ASAP. I left Jas with strict instruction that she was to teach them how to use they tray before any more accidents occurred! LOL

Then later this afternoon I caught one of the kittens munching out on Jamsyne's bikkies! (Mind you he was also choking on one!) So - tonight I have rushed down to the shops and bought them some cereal which I made up for them with Biolac and 2 of the 3 kittens went and ate straight from the plate - no encouragement needed! The 3rd little one took a bit of coaxing to lick from the spoon - the more "normal" process from my experience.

SO, I guess they feel the time is right to eat and toilet like "big kidz" - far earlier than my last litters who took some weeks to do the switch. Fun times ahead!

Here are some recent pics of the little monkeys:

Triple Trouble!

"Diva" - Blue Female

"Dash" - Blue Male

"Decaf" - Lilac Male

13/4/08: Well, I've finally made up my mind on the kitten colours (about time huh?) It's so hard when you don't have one of each colour to compare side by side!

So, the verdict today is: Blue Male, Blue Female, Lilac Male.

Blue Male - Deposit Paid (13/4)
Blue Female - On Hold
Lilac Male - Deposit Paid (15/4)

14/4/08: Jasmyne's bubs are now 5 weeks old and have become cheeky little things! They are unstoppable!

Decaf is the cheekiest of the lot. He is either at full pace or asleep.
He is also a talker and I only wish I knew what he was saying sometimes!
(I'm thinking Decaf is not an appropriate name for him as he's deffinitely on something stronger! LOL)

Little Diva is living up to her name - what a poser!

And Dash - a sweet little boy who really won over his new mummy yesterday!

Then the unthinkable hapened!......

They all looked at the camera at the same time!

4/9/08: Dash (now Harper) is all grown up now! And it looks like he has it pretty tough in his new home...

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