Furkidz "C" Litter
Seal, Chocolate, Blue & Lilac possible
BORN: 31 December 07


2/10/07: Sorry to those who are patiently waiting on kittens from this mating, but Lexi is playing hard to get! She will be mated as soon a she is willing and the due date for kittens will be posted ASAP.

1/11/07: YEAH! Lexi finally gave in to Ronan's charm and good looks. Kittens should be arriving New Year's Eve or there abouts. Pregnancy will be confirmed in approx 3-4 weeks.

4/1/08: After what has been a traumatic pregnancy for Lexi, a little miracle baby arrived on New Year's Eve. Weighing in at a tiny 66g this bub has had a tough start but is a real little fighter!
Lexi was quite sick during the first weeks of her pregnancy, then she began to bleed and started to miscarry. For 1 little bub to hang on to term was a blessing! Off to a slow start the bub needed regular supplements and injections around the clock but is now feeding strongly un-aided and has gained a little weight! I think we have turned a corner now and things are looking brighter for the little one's future.

Here are some photos of Lexi trying to find just the right place to make her nest! LOL

... and finally some pics of Bubby:

5/1/08: Bubby has been working really hard and seems to be getting stronger (and louder!)

Lexi is getting a little better at working out what to do when Bubby screams but I still have to help her out sometimes. I'm getting used to waking every 1.5 - 2 hours at night. Who needs sleep anyway!

7/1/08: Lexi's little Bubby is 1 week old today and still hanging in there. He (my guess for now) has gained 30g over the week and is now just a touch under 100g - I'm hoping we hit 100 by tonight! The last 2 days have been quite hot and the weight gain has dropped a bit. It's amazing to think that this little guy is only now, after a week, the weight he should have been at birth! Every little bit counts but I sure hope he catches up soon!

8/1/08: I wish I had good news. I took Bubby and Lexi to vet this morning - his temp is low and he's not feeding. Quite a weak little Bubby now. I have to keep him warm, keep up the fluids, including saline under the skin and feeds every 2 hours. I have tried with the teat but he rejects it so next feed will be via a tube. He has now dropped to 95g and just wants to sleep. Lexi is very unsettled and wants to move him. Just taking each hour as it comes and hoping for a miracle.

I have just spoken to my vet again and I think today could be the last for poor Bubby. He is just not picking up and is now very wet around the mouth, chin and nose and Lexi is starting to loose interest in him - maybe because he is not feeding. His breathing is laboured - even though it was clear this morning when the vet checked his chest. I am going to take him back up to the vet soon - when I stop crying, and I have asked my vet to give me an honest outlook. I don't want Bubby to suffer and if there is no point in fighting any longer then I will be kind and give him his wings. It is breaking my heart to deal with this - nature really sucks somtimes! I am very tired and emotional also I think because of the lack of sleep and the emotional and physical effort I have put into the last week. I think I know how Bubby feels - I'm not sure that I have the energy to fight this battle any longer either! BUT, in saying that I will continue to do absolutely everything possible to help if there is hope. I'll take some deep breaths, blow my nose and be as strong as I can.

I wonder if it will ever get any easier - losing a kitten? This is only my 3rd litter and already I have lost 2. The first one last year made it to 6 days, now Bubby to 8 days. Lexi lost the rest of her litter before birth and that was so much easier to deal with. Once they come into the world and spend some time with you they worm their way into your heart. After investing so much time, love, emotional energy and sleepless nights into Lexi and Bubby it's a cruel blow to have things end this way. I am sad that Lexi doesn't get to be a mum this time around, but you know, she is handling this better than me! Tonight she is flying around the loungeroom playing crazy like a little kitten! Not once has she returned to the nesting box to check on Bubby. I think she knew before I did that the end was near. In some way it's a relief for both of us. Maybe some sleep tonight will bring a fresher day tomorrow.

Bubby is flying free now. RIP little one.

11/3/08: Lexi is doing well. She went on to "adopt" one of Jasmyne's bubs Bonnie. They still share a special bond and Bonnie, at almost 5 months old, is still sneaking a drink from Lexi every now and then!

When Lexi is ready she will be re-mated with Ronan. Everything crossed that thing work out better next time.

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