Furkidz "B" Litter
Blue & Lilac possible
BORN: 13 October 2007


5/9/07: Jasmyne is almost 4 weeks pregnant and blossoming. Her tummy is starting to harden and her appetite has increased.

2/10/07: Less than 2 weeks to go now! Not sure how many bubs are in there but Jasmyne is growing fatter by the minute. The other day she tried to run between the bars of the baby gate as she's always done - but she almost got stuck half way! I'm sure the look on her face said: "breathe in kids" as she squeezed through. Almost time to start nesting and preparing for the bubs. Sorry Lexi but Jasmyne wants the kitten room to herself for a while - your turn will come.

6/10/07: Only 1 week to go. Jasmyne's room is all set up ready for the bubs and Lexi has been evicted. Jas seems a bit bigger this time so I'm guessing maybe 4 bubs? Only blue and lilac possible from this mating so the colours should be easy to tell quite early. I just hope I have better luck picking the sexes this time! LOL

13/10/07: The babies have arrived! Jasmyne went into labour at a reasonable hour and has had 3 little bubs this morning. All good weights (98g, 111g, 94g) and feeding well. Not sure what sexes we have yet and it will be a while until I know the colours. Mumma Jas is happily resting now, purring her little heart out as the bubs feed.

17/10/07: These little chubba bubbas are doing so well! They have all put on lots of weight and are today, at 4 days old, the weight the last litter were at 7-8 days! One little bub is starting to show some colour on the nose so is most likely a blue point. More pics coming soon...

22/10/07: All eyes are opening and the purring has begun. These bubs are going great guns and are already responding to me talking to them. They are becoming quite active and will be off and running in no time I'm sure! Deffinitely one blue point and possibly 2 lilacs.

24/10/07: All 3 kittens have passed the 250g mark now and they are getting fatter and fatter each day! I'm pretty sure the Blue is a boy and the 2 Lilacs are girls. Jas is such a fantastic mum.

29/10/07: Well today I get home from work and find Jas and the "kids" out on the floor playing! It's pretty hot here today so I can only imagine Jas thought it was too warm in the box and took them out. But a floor is VERY big when you are THIS small! It was so funny to watch them "walking/wobbling" around and trying to get traction on the vinyl.

The first pic is the Blue boy:

Then the smaller and paler of the 2 Lilac girls:

And my favourite Lilac girl (who is working her way into my heart BIG time!):

And finally here is the best group shot I could manage of the wrigglers:

11/11/07: I thought I'd try getting some decent shots of Jasmyne's bubs today.....

I set up the photo tent - Jasmyne jumped straight in and gave me her best angle:

Then the kids came in for a play - but refused to look my way!

So mummy left them to it:

The light I was using blew a globe after about 2 shots, the flash caused red eye and without flash the pics are dark and grainy.

So out onto the floor for some more playing and a feed
(the bubs have just started to eat with a little encouragement)

This little darling was too busy playing to stop for a meal,
and here she is showing me exactly how she felt about me forcing her! LOL

Not so delicate at this age...are we?

Then my batteries died. I'm going to bring the work camera home this week and hope to get some better shots.

14/11/07: At last a few half decent shots of the kittens! (amazing what a good camera can do)

Introducing "Furkidz Bundy"

Introducing "Furkidz Bellatrix"

Introducing "Furkidz Bonnie"

19/11/07: These babies are just adorable and are such little personalities. They are all eating solids now and using the litter tray (sorry no pics of that!)

They seem to have only 2 modes of operation - ON and OFF!

Little Bonnie is the explorer and mountain climber of the group.
But even little adventurers need to rest occasionally!

Bundy has found a favourite resting spot. This boy really knows how to make himself comfortable.

Bellatrix also found a super sleeping spot in the sun this morning.

And here are a few other random pics of the bubs - I just can't help myslef! LOL




and check out the reflection on the door in this one!

11/1/08: Jamsnye's bubs are all growing up so fast! Here are some random pics taken in the last few weeks before they left home.

Bellatrix has gone to live with a family in Rose Bay.

Bundy has gone to live with Marion in Thirroul (Wollongong).

And Bonnie is staying here.

18/2/08: I have received a few pics of the "kidz" in their new homes. Don't they look happy!

Bundy (now Charlie):


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