Furkidz "A" Litter
Seal, Chocolate, Blue & Lilac Point all possible
BORN: 24 October 2006


17/09/2006: Jasmyne is now 4 weeks pregnant and going really well. Her little tummy is slowly starting to harden and I can definitely feel some little kittens growing inside. My totally uneducated guess is that there are 3 bubs growing in there - I'm sure I can feel 2 little "wallnuts" on the left side of her tummy and one on her right. But who knows ...... there could be more hiding in there too! This week the foetuses are about 25-30mm and are fully developed miniature cats.
5/10/2006: Only 3 weeks to go now! Jasmyne's little tummy is getting bigger every day. She is happy and healthy and as smoochy as ever. She is eating well and being totally spoiled with a wide variety of yummy treats. Everything is now ready for the arrival of her precious bubs.
15/10/2006: About 10 days to go and Jasmyne will be a Mummy :-) The babies are on the move and are about 10cm long now - things are getting pretty crowded in there! I'm even starting to think about names for the kittens!
The hot weather has made things a little uncomfortable and Jasmyne can often be found streched out on the cold tiles in the bathroom. Jas has been happy and healthy so far and I'm sure she will make a great little Mum.

20/10/2006: Here's a pic of Jasmyne showing off her nice big tummy!
Not long to go now!

24/10/2006: The kittens arrived today! Jasmyne has 3 lovely little bubbas. Not 100% sure of sexes yet but I think there is 1 girl and 2 boys (TBC). The birth went relatively smoothly - the first bub took it's time coming out, then an hour later number 2 and 3 popped out effortlessly in quick succession. For a first time Mum, Jasmyne did very well. I had to help her with the cords and placentas but she has settled really well and the bubs are feeding strongly. Birth weights were 85g, 88g and 95g. Photos to come.

Feeding - Day 1 & Day 2

26/10/06: Mum and bubs are doing really well! All kittens have gained weight and are feeding strongly. Jasmyne is a great little mother and is very protective of her little ones! Weights today 96g, 104g and 106g.
30/10/06: A sad sad day today. My first-born kitten, a little girl, was rushed to the vet this morning with blood coming from her nose and gasping for breath. The vets did everything they could to help her and I held her as she took her last breath this afternoon. An autopsy has revealed a severe pneumonia, most likely cause by inhalation of fluid at birth or while suckling, leading to infection in the lungs. RIP my Adorable Angel - spread your little wings and fly.

2/11/2006: The bubs are growing so fast! Today their eyes are just starting to open and I heard the first purr vibrate from a kitten! They are also starting to get colour on their ears and nose and they are beginning to look different from each other. One is much darker than the other so will most likely be a Seal point. Not sure of the colour of the other one, but for now I'm guessing either Blue or Chocolate.

Pssst! Wanna play while Mum's out?

8/11/2006: The bubs are 2 weeks old now and growing so fat! Their eyes are fully open and I'm pretty sure they can hear things now too. They are more responsive and can wiggle around quite well - pretty strong little things. Weights today are 267g and 258g - the blue point has now overtaken the seal point. I'm pretty certain the seal point is a boy, but the blue bub I'm not 100% certain about - could still end up a girl!

Here are some pics taken yesterday, on their 2 week birthday:

Seal Point

Blue Point

12/11/2006: They're off and racing! Eyes are fully open, ears are coming up and the bubs are getting more responsive and more mobile every day. It won't be long now and Jasmyne and I will both be busy chasing them around the house! :-)

30/11/06: The kittens are growing up! I have been so busy playing with these adorable babies that I have not posted updated pics of them for a while. So here are a number of pics taken during the last few weeks:

7/12/06: The Sex Change Fairy came to visit!! I was sure that I had 2 boy kittens, and this had been confirmed by a vet and another breeder..... BUT, it now seems that my 2 boy kittens are in fact GIRLS! Aussie and Amadeus will need more feminine names and now I need to decide if I will keep one of them as a second breeding queen - decisions decisions!

Amadeus found a new place to hide this afternoon:

I don't care if you're a boy ar a girl - you are still adorable!

8/12/06: We have new names!!
Please let me introduce Furkidz Aussie Amalie (Blue Point) and Furkidz Afa Allegra (Seal Point).

14/12/06: WOW! these little girls are growing up so quickly. They are 7 weeks old now and into everything. They are refining their climbing skills, they enjoy rumbling with each other and "Mumma Jas" and they now eat real food from a plate! They are fully litter trained and are spending more and more time each day away from Mummy. Allegra is a real personality - she is the first to come running for a cuddle or a tummy rub and likes to climb up on your lap. Amalie is a little more "polite" and waits her turn - she has a very sweet and gentle nature. Both these girl will make beautiful loving pets and I will miss them dearly when they go to their new homes in January :-(

24/12/06: Amalie and Allegra are almost 9 weeks old now. This week they have had their 1st vaccination and microchip (OUCH!) and the milk bar is now closed! (hear that girls?) LOL
Today was "Christmas Photoshoot Day" and they turned on their best in cuteness!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

1/1/07: Jasmyne's babies are all grown up now and will go to their new home today :-( The girls are going together which is nice - they will never be lonely and can get up to lots of mischief together! They will be living with a Balinese kitty sister and 3 human sisters, who I'm sure will spoil them! Here are some final pics of them playing out in the garden this morning:

I'll miss you girls!

30/7/07: Jasmyne's girls are all grown up now. I went to visit them today and they are very happy, lovely natured little girls. Both have developed nicely and are bigger than mummy! They have new names - Seal girl is Coco, Blue girl is Zali. They are so spoiled and loved by their new family. It was so lovely to see them again.

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